Our junk removal prices

The price rates that our operators will discuss with you are based on the amount/weight of rubbish you would like to be carried out.

The table below gives an example of our standard rates:

Min Charge £50
1/4 Van (3 yd3): approx 250 kg £90 - £110
2/4 Van (6 yd3): approx 500 kg £150 - £170
3/4 Van (9 yd3): approx 750 kg £200 - £220
Full Van (12 yd3): approx 1000 kg £250 - £270

Our prices include:

  • Labour
  • Transport
  • Disposal fees
  • All prices are composed on type, volume and weight of the rubbish.

Finer Details:

* If the rubbish is not easy-accessible, extra labour fees may be charged.

** Different rates apply according to the type of rubbish: Domestic, Construction, Gardening.

*** Prices are not subject to VAT.

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

We charge by the volume and the weight of the waste for collection. Trying to figure out how much junk you have? We can give you an free estimate before we even start. Remember, this is a rough estimate and our truck team will confirm the price with you before they begin removing your junk.

For instance, have a look at the pictures below and see how much we have charged for the rubbish clearance:

Price £40 charged £40
Price £80 charged £80
Price £20 charged £150 plus additional labour £20
Price £300 2 rounds charged £300 per round plus additional labour £100
Price £300 charged £300 plus additional labour £60
Price £70 charged £70, not heavy but space

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Promotional offers cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Minimum charges apply for each service. For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.