Our junk removal prices

The price rates that our operators will discuss with you are based on the amount/weight of rubbish you would like to be carried out.

The table below lists our standard rates:

Yd3 Kg Total Price Included time
Min charge max 50 £ 67.00  
3 Yd3 max 250 £ 120.00 15 min
6 Yd3 max 500 £ 175.00 30 min
9 Yd3 max 760 £ 230.00 45 min
12 Yd3 max 1000 £ 295.00 60 min
Price per Kg / Yd3
*For Household and Domestic waste the price is based on the Volume and the Weight of the waste for disposal
*For Builders and General mixed waste the price is based ot the Weight of the waste for disposal 

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Our prices include:

  • Labour
  • Transport
  • Disposal fees

Finer Details:

* If the rubbish is not easy-accessible, extra labour fees may be charged.

** Different rates apply according to the type of rubbish: Domestic, Construction, Gardening.

We accept all major debit cards.

Trying to figure out how much junk you have?

We can give you an estimate before we even start. Remember, this is a rough estimate and the van team will confirm the price with you before they begin removing your waste.

Call us now on 020 3404 5414

or email us on office@junk-removal.co.uk and our knowledgeable office support staff will be happy to assist you.

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