C&C Commercial Waste Collection in London by the Junk Removal Monster

What is C&C Commercial Waste Collection? Those are another two of the Junk Removal Monster’s special characteristics particularly useful to our commercial clients - confidentiality and certification.

The C&C Commercial Waste Collection ensures that any of your trade secrets will remain secrets and that Junk Removal Monster’s Team has the documentation to both prove they are as professional as they claim to be and that they will follow strictly all commercial waste collection guidelines plus any additional requirements you may have.

We also work with fully insured and vetted refuse collection technicians. The Junk Removal Monster chooses to work only with experienced and diligent waste clearance workers across London.

What kind of Commercial Waste does the Junk Removal Monster Collect and where does the waste go?

The Junk Removal Monster has been in the waste management business for quite a long time which has helped him create the optimal array of services, work process and company strategy.

The technicians we work with are battle-hardened through the years of 'fighting' with all types of waste such and can easily take care of office chairs, bookshelves, filing cabinets and broken desks to complete office and board-room clearance in a quick and efficient manner.

You can rest assured that all your files and paperwork collected will be completely and confidentially shredded before being recycled.

The Junk Removal Monster diet includes:

  • Office furniture
  • IT equipment
  • Paper and card
  • Confidential waste
  • Builder's waste
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Fax machines

The Junk Removal Monster diet excludes:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Medical waste
  • Chemicals

All the collected commercial waste is discarded at recycling facilities around London, guaranteeing the highest percentage of recycling and reuse. Thus by using the Junk Removal Monster’s commercial waste collection service you will fall into the environmentally friendly companies. To prove that to the local authorities and your business partners and customers you will be provided with a free waste collection certificate upon request.

Maximum Quality at Minimum Charges - the perfect Commercial Waste Collection

The Commercial Waste Collection Team is experienced, quick and efficient to ensure minimum disturbance of work process. The Junk Removal Monster and his commercial waste collection team in London are always there to service your needs. The extraordinarily special powers of the Junk Removal Monster include:

  • 24/7 customer care operatives at your disposal for any commercial waste collection queries and for a free no-obligation estimate;
  • Weekend, bank holiday, late night and early morning waste collection;
  • Emergency rubbish collection in all London Boroughs;
  • Regular waste collection at reduced prices.

The Junk Removal Monster's junk removal team has cleared a wide range of office properties in Greater London - from large commercial buildings and factories, storage units, schools, churches to small private premises.

To join the Junk Removal Monster’s cluster of satisfied business clients call 020 3404 5414!

To suit your communication preference and busy schedule The Junk Removal Monster’s Team has designed two alternative manners of contacting us: the on-site chat application and the online booking form.